CLASSIC DRIVER : like a fighter jet

ClassicDriver Mikey Snelgar. 06 November 2021 Ravage have painted their Alpine A110 rally rocket like a fighter jet Last spring, Ravage revealed their vision for a Group B-ready Alpine A110 in a deceivingly subtle shade of midnight blue. Now their mental machine is getting the livery it deserves. Classic Driver Crédit Photos : Thierry Murcia […]

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Classic Driver

The custom-made Alpine Ravage is a road-legal rally rocket Classic Driver / 27 April 2021 Looking at the Alpine Ravage ‘Group 4’, a wave of nostalgia washes over us. It reminds us of an era when small French workshops prepared Alpine cars for rallies, but also tuned them purely for aesthetic reasons, with Gotti wheels, […]

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le déverminage…

le hasard fait bien les choses et nous avons eu la chance de rencontrer JPOG et l’équipe de Automotivpress.Fr lors de nos premiers tours de roues. …il faisait froid, trop froid, mais on avait le sourire !

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