machined forged rims

The Italian masters from the OZRACING department and RAVAGE present these new wonders of lightness & precision for your A110.

The new SUPERTOURISM rims are now available !

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It is a pleasure to create with masters such as OZ RACING, together we work to combine the RAVAGE universe and the OZ technical excellence in objects with exceptional performances.

Like you, we are attached to the mechanical and aesthetic beauty of our parts, your car must be as beautiful in the way it goes from one bend to another as it is when parked !

Tour de force

Optimization is everywhere, like the side machining of each stick.

OZ and RAVAGE combine the performance required for JWL VIA standard crash and fatigue certification in a racing rim.

FR 8X18 8,5 Kg RR 9X18 8,6 Kg

Aluminum type En-AW class 6000 / Heat treatment T6

Choose our partner Michelin

Pilot Sport 4 DTI 215 (225) /40 ZR18 89Y XL TL / 245/40 ZR18 97Y XL TL

Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect 215 (225) /40 ZR18 89Y XL / 245/40 ZR18 97Y XL TL

Rims + Michelin tires pack are possible: contact us

Reduce the unsprung weight of your car with the forged OZ/RAVAGE

Set of 4 rims with Glossy Star Graphite finish and polished outer lip 5900 Eur ( Ex Factory)

Set of 4 rims with Satin Gold finish and polished outer lip 6300 Eur ( Ex Factory)

The rim set comes with 4 carbon finished wheel centers with RAVAGE logo

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