Launch of the new Ravage « GROUP 4 »


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Starting in 2020 with its Zéro Model, which served as the basis for the design and development of the brand’s future models, Ravage is today launching its new Group 4.

The brand thus offers the most demanding sports car enthusiasts a modern reinterpretation of the Alpine Berlinettes that raced in the World Rally Championship at the end of the 1970s. A car that is already a collector.

A sponsor of choice: : Bernard Darniche

Bernard Darniche, 6 Victories at the Tour de Corse, at work with Ravage

Bernard is working to project Ravage into the future, a future made up of exclusivities and unparalleled driving pleasure.

Bernard has made the Berlinettes, the Lancia Stratos, Audi Quattro, BMW M1 shine…Recordman for the number of victories in the Tour de Corse with 6 victories, double European rally champion and winner of the Monte-Carlo 1979. He also distinghuised himself in Endurance at the 24h of Le Mans, with 6 participations including 2 victories.

‘Ravage is the work of enthusiasts for enthusiasts’ Bernard Darniche

Our work sessions with Bernard allow Ravage to develop a car with exceptional road handling and increased sensations. Together we are establishing a new French signature synonymous with performance and automotive pleasure.

A unique design for a unique car

Having undergone 3 years of development by the Ravage teams, the design and technical preparation of the Ravage Group 4 called on a group of French craftsmen and automotive subcontractors working for major manufacturers.

The Ravage body parts are made of pre-impregnated carbon.

Ravage thus works with the most advanced working methods: 3D scanning and design, design research based on physical and digital modeling, milled moulds, etc.

A redesigned chassis for increased pleasure

The Ravage Group 4 offers improved grip thanks to its wider tracks (+ 35mm per side at the front and + 55mm at the rear). It is fitted with wide tires (225 wide Michelin tires at the front and 265 at the rear).
Ravage thus keeps the diameter of the original tires in order to respect the electronics of the ABS and the traction control.

For the curious, 265 at the rear is the ideal width to go between 350Nm and 380Nm…

Michelin est partenaire de Ravage

Ravage works in partnership with Michelin, all our cars are fitted with Michelin 4S (or Cup2 as an option), these dimensions also exist in Pilot Alpin for fans of high altitudes and winding roads!

The unique 3-part Ravage rims have been specifically developed and manufactured in France with our partner Mad’in. They are composed of a forged aluminum hub cut in the mass, titanium screws and stainless steel sails. (Aluminium sails optional)

The paint finish of the hub is available in Gold and Orange. The exterior rim can be either polished or brushed.

The Group 4 Ravage can be fitted with the exclusive OZ/Ravage forged one-piece wheels as an option.

The roll is ultra-controlled, the car corners completely flat.

The adjustable 2-way compression and rebound shock absorbers are fitted with machined aluminum shields, a concept validated on the Alpine R-GT used in rallies. The roll is ultra-controlled, the car corners completely flat. The car’s center of gravity is lowered by (-)2 cm.

Comfort is preserved with a “fast road” and “occasional track” calibration

An engine that lives up to its ambitions

For the engine, Ravage has an engine engineer in its ranks who knows the 4-cylinder 1.8l turbo perfectly and thus gives it its full potential: 380 Nm & 300hp for the Ravage Group 4, this engine configuration being the entry-level engine at Ravage. With a full engine, sensations on all floors are guaranteed!

The rear-end design and the mesh directly inspired by the world of racing allows better extraction of engine/gearbox calories.

The design of the Ravage Groupe4 celebrates the incredible track record of the Berlinette and optimizes the operation of the car: particularly the cooling which remains a crucial point on any mid-engine architecture. Side vents in the curve of the rear fenders have been designed respecting the manufacturer’s design to optimize ventilation of the engine compartment, the rear grille directly inspired by the world of racing allows better extraction of engine/gearbox calories.

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